Luis Ignacio Helguera, Intermezzo No. 2 in B-flat, Op. 117 by Brahms

Only now, at 40 years of age,
I understand why I would lie down in the living room couch
Every night
As you practiced that Brahms Intermezzo
Because it expressed your character and your strength and your nobility
Which I poorly learned
And the fall of green and then red leaves in the gardens
That we had
The autumn mourning of everything

And I remember how listening to the radio you parked the car
In a street
Amidst furious automobiles
In order to weep over the drivers wheel
Telling me you are sorry with your handkerchief on your fact
Becaust it was the Chopin Nocturne that your mother used to play

And I remember how you carried me, semi asleep, to my bed
At the end of that Brahms Intermezzo, every night,
And your strength and your character, and your nobility, which I poorly learned.

(translation by Pablo Helguera)