From The Vocal Archives of Florence Foster Jenkins (2000)

From the Vocal Archives of Florence Foster Jenkins (2000)

Exhibition at Ex-Teresa Espacio Alternativo, Mexico City, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, and Matice Hrvatska Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia (2000)


From the Vocal Archives of Florence Foster Jenkins was a museum homage to the worst soprano in history (1868-1949).  Following a traditional museum format but also interspersing other contrapuntal museum narratives about songbirds, castrati, and other topics, the main narrative of the project focused on the strange case of this eccentric diva whose singing was so appalling and yet her flair and dedication to interpretation were so complete that she became a performing celebrity in her lifetime. The exhibition focused on the subject of art criticism and the mythology surrounding virtuosism. 

The story of Florence Foster Jenkins emerged again in the exhibition and performance project  Parallel Lives, in 2003, and the relationship of opera, interpretation and cricitism also is continued in the 2007 book and exhibition project The Witches of Tepoztlan.

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